How to ride a jet ski safely?(part 2)

If you have read our articles so far, you have read our previous article entitled “How to ride a jet ski safely?“. In A&M water sports we try to help you to increase your knowledge about jet ski and jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada. Driving with a passenger Riding alone and riding with […]

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Riding jet ski safely

How to ride a jet ski safely?

One of the most attractive ways to enjoy the water is jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada, which can provide you with many fun hours. When you first take a jet ski, you may be tempted to put it on the water next to the first beach and go for a ride, but remember […]

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Jet Ski Introduction

Jet ski introduction

Jet ski is a brand (personal watercraft (PWC) that was first introduced to the world for recreational sports by the Japanese company Kawasaki. It looks like a motorcycle, except that one moves on land and the other on water. Jet skiing can be considered a sport between water skiing and motorcycling. Jet skis are like […]

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Difference between jet ski & jet boat

The nominal similarity between the two floats, which is due to the same type of engine performance, has led to errors in correctly distinguishing between them. However, jet skis and jet boats are completely different. The following factors can be the distinguishing features of these two floats: Size The obvious difference between a jet ski […]

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Orca jet ski

Taiga Motors electric jet ski

For several years now, Taiga Motors has focused on designing and developing products that can be fitted with electric motors instead of fossil fuels. The company, also known for making products with the least noise, recently unveiled a new jet ski called the Orca, which can provide the energy needed for a two-hour patrol on […]

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