The nominal similarity between the two floats, which is due to the same type of engine performance, has led to errors in correctly distinguishing between them. However, jet skis and jet boats are completely different.

The following factors can be the distinguishing features of these two floats:


The obvious difference between a jet ski and a jet boot is, at first glance, the difference in the size of the two floats. Jet skis usually have enough space for a guide, although there are two-seater or even three-seater models.

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But jet boats are much larger than that and have a capacity of several people. In fact, most jet idols have a capacity of at least 2 people.

Power and maneuverability

The large size of the jet boat requires a powerful engine. In fact, a number of powerful jet idols have an engine with a power of 1400 hp. However, the large size of this vessel reduces its maneuverability. It is not possible to change fast routes, especially at high speeds, for this vessel.

The power of the jet ski is less than the jet boat, but this feature makes the jet ski more maneuverable and has a lighter design that allows it to reach speeds above 65 mph.


A number of jet skis can attract a skier. Generally, jet skis are designed for personal use and are mostly for personal application. The greater power and capacity of jet boats give this boat more range of use.

Due to their greater power, jet boats can attract larger and heavier vessels. Larger sizes also provide more capacity for jet boats. In fact, in some areas, jet boats are used as passenger vessels.


Both of these boats provide good safety for the user, although, every year, jet skiing has been statistically involved in more accidents. Because jet skiing is more maneuverable, some people allow themselves to steer their boat in unsafe conditions, which can include moving between two boats or jumping over waves. These conditions can be used to steer. An inexperienced driver can easily lead to an accident. However, the pilots of both vessels make better use of their vessel after experiencing such events.

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