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Boat rental in Toronto and Canada(or luxury boats, commonly known as yachts), is one of the most important services that A&M Water Sports provides to its customers. Because A&M Water Sports is one of the best and highest quality marinas in Toronto. The club has a variety of jet skis and yachts, all of which are luxury. There is also a wide range of models of small motor boats and sports boats to giant luxury yachts in this collection. Rental service in Canada is one of several services offered by A&M Water Sports.

What is yacht rent?

Yacht chartering or boat rental is one of the most important parts of any marina in the world, and this is because luxury yachts or pleasure boats are kept only in marinas; Therefore, to rent them, you must visit a marina.

A&M Water Sports offers a variety of boats, yachts, pleasure boats and cruises. If you are looking for sailing in the Canadian lakes and do not want to spend too much, you can also contact the A&M Water Sports Marine Recreation Club and take a boat tour with sport boats.

But if you are planning to stay afloat for a long time or have a business appointment or even a private event such as a birthday or surprise party, it is better to use yacht rental services.

Large yachts (pleasure boats) with many amenities allow you to enjoy sailing for a longer period of time. Hence, these yachts are also called floating hotels on the water.

Yacht rental in Canada

Sightseeing and sightseeing in Toronto and Canada are other lasting memories of traveling to this country that are recommended to any traveler. Lease of boats and maritime transport equipment is concluded in marinas (marine recreation clubs) that offer a diverse range of vessels, boats and ships.

The word yacht is derived from the Dutch word jacht, meaning hunting, and refers to a boat or pleasure boat. This type of ship is available in two types of engines and sails, and yachts larger than the golf course are called super yachts, which are very luxurious. In Canada, pleasure boats are commonly known as yachts. These ships are famous for their extensive amenities such as bedrooms, master bedrooms, large decks, air conditioning and televisions, toilets and baths. They are also the most luxurious and complete option for renting a means of transportation and transportation for birthdays, celebrations and surprises. The yachts are usually rented with the captain and the contract period is two or three, which can be extended if the customer wishes to be more on the water. Today, design and design appropriate to the ceremonies and celebrations of customers is also included in the services of these pleasure boats; Such as shooting and producing albums, filming and producing clips and the like. The typical capacity of the yacht is 10 to 15 people.

A&M Water Sports, one of the best yacht rental centers in Toronto

After searching the internet, you may come across sites that rent yacht ads or offer these services. It should be noted that most of these websites or social pages all eventually contact us and rent a boat for you. So to avoid paying higher fees to other intermediaries, it is better to contact A&M Water Sports directly.

What are the conditions for renting a yacht? What are the steps?

At A&M Water Sports, like all marinas in the world, yachts are rented with the captain and you do not need a navigation license. These yachts are usually rented by customers in 1 or 2 or 3 hour courses, but you can also ask us for more hours. To rent, you must first contact A&M Water Sports and book the time and day you want, and after paying the amount and signing the rules and regulations form, you can use the rental services at the time of booking. Of course, you can also do this through the website.

What yachts are rented in Canada?

Canadian marinas currently house about 200 vessels of various sizes, most of which are for private owners. The yachts that most of them are able to provide rental services on are:

Floating NC 11 made by the French company Jano with a length of 11 meters

Very luxurious interior decoration, two bathrooms, kitchen and living room, two separate bedrooms and large deck space and amenities such as air conditioning, TV, etc.

  • Capacity: 12 people
  • Number of cabins: 2

Azimut 55 float made by the Italian company Azimut with a length of 18 meters

Very luxurious interior decoration, three bathrooms, kitchen and living room, two separate bedrooms and a master bedroom and interior space and large deck and amenities such as air conditioning, TV, etc.

  • Capacity: 15 people
  • Number of cabins: 3

Sport boats

Sport boats rented for short-term cruises are cabinless boats that have a sporty look and a capacity of up to 6 to 10 people.

  • With various capacities from 5 to 10 people