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Jet Ski Rental in Toronto, Lake Simcoe & Canada

If you want to have good days on water with your family, you are on the right page. A&M water sports offers a variety of services, including jet ski and boat rental in Canada.

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What is jet ski?

Today, there are few people who have not heard about jet ski. Also, there are not lots of people who know all information about it.

All of us have heard about jet ski when we trip to places where have lake or sea, though we may not have seen one of it!

Jet ski is a brand related to individual water sports equipment. This brand was introduced by Kawasazi heavy industries. This device is sometimes mistakenly said to be registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

One type of jet ski includes fiberglass sheets. For example, Jet ski 400 is one of this type which was introduced in 1973. Today, jet ski is used as a sport and entertainment device on the docks and lakes.

Sometimes you can see that they are used for racing.

Jet ski can be one of the most enjoyable water sports that attracts a lot of tourists in the sea areas.

Where is Canada?

Canada is a country in North America. This country includes of 10 provinces and 3 realms.

It stretches from the east to the Atlantic Ocean, from the west to the Pacific Ocean, from the north to the Arctic Ocean, and borders the United States to the south.

By considering its area (9,984,000 Km2), Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of total area and the fourth largest country in the world in terms of land area.

There is a border between Canada and unites states of America which is the longest land border in the world.

Jet ski in Canada

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and Toronto is the largest city of it. If you want to enjoy water sports in Toronto, you have to find the best jet ski rental in Toronto.

People of Toronto often choose jet ski rental in lake Ontario or jet ski rental in lake Simcoe to have a great time on water with their family.

Rentable on Lake Simcoe, ON

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Is A&M water sports available on lake Simcoe and lake Ontario?

By this time, A&M water sports is just available on lake Simcoe. But, you can use our delivery services by booking 2+ days.

Our team will deliver your selected jet ski to your location, but you should consider that these services include extra fees that you will pay it.

Tips for renting a jet ski

At the beginning of renting a jet ski, consider that there are three main brands that produce these devices and You must have reached a reasonable age to rent and ride it.

If you want to know about jet ski brands, you should check out our blog.

Jet ski rental price in Toronto and Lake Simcoe

Suppose you, as a person, want to go jet skiing with your family or friends on a day off. What factors make you attracted to a particular collection? Naturally, the lowest price! But have you thought about how healthy and newer jet skis can affect your leisure time and increase your enjoyment? So quality is one of the factors that affect the price. Jet ski rentals in Toronto and Lake Simcoe start at approximately $85 per hour. At A&M Water Sports we provide you with the latest jet skis at the lowest prices.

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Jet Ski Brands!

Which jet ski brands are available in Toronto and Lake Simcoe?

Different companies currently produce jet skis in the world. Some of these brands are Canadian and some are non-Canadian! For example, SeaDoo is a Canadian brand whose personal watercraft are manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products. All jet skis or watercraft of this company are produced in its factories in Querétaro and Juárez, Mexico. Other brands used include Yamaha and Kawasaki. But now most of the places that rent jet skis in Toronto and Lake Simcoe work with the SeaDoo brand.

Why rent jet skis in Toronto and Lake Simcoe?

Jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports in Canada and Toronto. This water fun in Toronto attracts the attention of the public from the end of spring and continues until the beginning of October (if the weather is warm). You can experience more benefits than Lake Ontario by renting a jet ski in Lake Simcoe. Lake Simcoe is both quieter and cleaner than Lake Ontario. But you should keep in mind that during the busy seasons of the year, you should try to rent your jet ski several days in advance.

Quieter and cleaner!

Jet ski rental


What are the rules to rent jet skis in Toronto and Lake Simcoe?

In general, jet ski rentals in Toronto and Lake Simcoe have rules that all rental companies must follow. Some of them may add their own rules that you still have to follow. But in general, you must be at least 19 years old and have a driver’s license to drive a jet ski. You should also keep in mind that at A&M Water Sports long weekends will be charged as if they were weekends. In addition, before using the jet ski, you must read the rental contract completely and then sign it.

Can I use your rental jet skis at my desired location?

Yes, this possibility is provided for you. You can call us a few days in advance and coordinate with us the number of jet skis and the number of days you want to rent. Our team has the ability to deliver your jet skis on time and at the desired location. Of course, you should keep in mind that the cost of transporting and delivering the jet ski to the place you want will have a separate cost, which you will be informed about when you call.

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Lake Simcoe VS.

Lake Ontario!

Why Lake Simcoe? Why not Lake Ontario?

Lake Ontario is much more populated than Lake Simcoe. If you’re going to rent a jet ski in Lake Simcoe, at least you can rest assured that the water is clean. Also, the water in Lake Simcoe is warmer and the prices offered there are lower than in Lake Ontario.

At A&M Water sports, you use jet skis that are newer and better quality than anywhere else. So you will definitely not worry about the device you are using.