In many countries, there are many types of rules that you have to follow them, whether you like them or not.

In this part we are going to describe these rules for you.

These rules are divided into different types:

Age limitations for jet ski rental

The ones who are under 16 are not allowed to ride a jet ski unless they meet the following conditions:

  • The age of current person should be at least 12-15.
  • A 18 years of age or older observer must be with her/him. The observer has to have a jet ski riding license.
  • The ones who are under 12 are not allowed to ride jet ski unless they are being trained by a coach. The coach must be at least 18 years old and has to have a jet ski riding license.
  • The ones who are at least 16 years old, have to have jet ski riding license.

Necessary equipment for jet ski rental

The Ports and Maritime Organization sets the standards for the security features required on vessels. Also, the equipment used on the vessel must be approved by the Ports and Maritime Organization.

In general, all vessels must carry PFDs (life jackets and hoops) approved by the Ports and Maritime Administration, visual emergency signs, fire extinguishers, phonetic signals, air conditioning, and route lights.

The installation of security equipment on the vessel by the manufacturer is not a reason for the vessel to be equipped.

The owner of the vessel must ensure that the safety features of the vessel are standard, based on the size and direction in which the vessel is used.

Noise reduction equipment

To reduce noise pollution, vessels must be equipped with noise-canceling equipment installed by the manufacturer.

No motor boat should make a sound at the following levels:

  • 90 decibels when starting to move (low speed)
  • 75 decibels when the vessel is not more than 600 meters from the shore (regardless of speed)

Any change in the noise reduction system in a way that does not meet the standards is illegal and floating traffic is prevented.


In the event of a collision, the operator must take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the vessel and its occupants (as long as it is not dangerous to the vessel and its passengers).

The operator of the vessel must also provide details of himself and his vessel to the injured persons and the owners of the damaged vessels.

If a person helps the injured at the scene of the accident or not, he is not responsible for the injuries and injuries caused in the accident, unless he commits an arbitrary or negligent mistake.

So jet ski rental in Toronto needs to know the rules of it. Please contact us to know more information about jet ski rental.

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