Jet skiing is one of the most exciting and fascinating water sports in Canada and Toronto.

Also jet skiing is one of the most popular water sports in cities where have lakes or sea.

Jet ski rental in lake Simcoe is one of the best choices for renting jet ski hourly or daily.

The other place where it is good for this water entertainment is lake Ontario.

Jet ski rental in Toronto is of the most popular hobbies that any Canadian citizen can choose for his/her family weekends.

Jet ski rental is done in the most cities of Canada.

Jet ski capabilities

The excitement and speed that this sport has, create an indescribable sense of vitality and life in every person.

Jet skiing has many capabilities that you can use both as a one-person and as a three-people. The Complete description is available on our jet ski rental in Canada page.

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Jet ski and its story

Where did jet ski come from? The answer of this question is available in the next sentence.

Jet ski design were first introduced to the market by the famous Japanese company which name is Kawasaki.

It did not take long for this wonderful boat engine to be introduced to industries all over the world very quickly.

After the unveiling of the first jet ski, the Japanese company Kawasaki in 1973 decided to launch a more advanced version of this device.

This device is made of fiberglass, which has more maneuverability.

Over time, the fiberglass type of this device became more popular and attracted many fans.

But consider that the jet ski design was first introduced by Clayton Jacobson. You can read more about jet ski history on our blog.

Is jet ski an engine or boat?

Jet ski is actually a kind of engine that moves on water. The reason for this is the important motor companies that produce motorcycles such as Honda Japan, Benelli Italy, Yamaha, etc. So you will find that this mechanical recreational device is not a boat, but an engine that can move on the waves and sea water.

Jet skiing is also a sport because you have to do acrobatic and dramatic movements on the high waves of the sea.

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