Today we are going to talk about jet ski history.

At the first, these devices were known as water scooter. In the mid 50’s, a few brands like Vincent Amanda from Great Britain and Waveroller from Germany were raised and developed.

What did Vincent Amanda do?

Until the late 1950s, Vincent Amanda exported 2000 of this device to Europe, united states of America and Australia.

The main idea of jet ski

The basic idea of this device which we know as jet ski today, was expressed by Clayton Jacobson who was born in Lake Havasu City from Arizona.

Clayton was interested in Motocross and wanted to have similar experience on water.

Basic idea

The basic model (prototype) of this device was included a jet pump internal combustion engine and its body was made completely from aluminum. Clayton had decided to quit his job before preparing the basic model.

Advanced model

The prototype model was introduced in 1965, but with a relentless effort Jacobson presented a new model of jet ski one year later which was completed made of fiberglass. This type of jet ski was really similar to the ones we use today.

What does jet ski mean?

Jet ski was the brand name of this device which Kawasaki had chosen. Other companies tried to use other names for this device. These names are Yamaha(Waverunner), Bombardier(Sea Doo), Honda(Aqua Trax), Polaris(Sealion) and Arctic Cat(Tigershark).

Until the first decade of the new millennium, the most important companies of PWC production are:

  • Kawasaki
  • Bombardier
  • Yamaha

Yamaha and Kawasaki produces the production of standing species. These types occupy a small percentage of market.

The rules of jet ski rental

You should get 100m distance from any object suspended on the water. For example, boats, ships, docks, beaches, swimmers, other jet ski riders.

Riding parallel to the beach for a distance of 100meters is forbidden for everybody except lifeguards.

A&M Water sports respects these rules and tries to service all people with the highest quality.

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