If want to answer this question in one sentence, we have to say: It depends on which location you choose for your trip.

Countries with mild climate

For example, in countries with mild climate, the best time for jet ski rental is in spring and summer.

Canada and Toronto

For jet ski rental in Canada and Toronto, we recommend to rent jet ski on May, Jun, July and first half of August.

Countries with hot and dry climate

For countries where climate is hot and dry, the best time for renting jet ski is on autumn and winter; because in these countries, the sun shines vertically and you can not stay a lot of time under its rays.

Sea condition

So, if you want to rent jet ski in your destination, consider its climate. If sea is roaring in that place, you can not use your jet ski to have a great time on water. You should choose best places as well as you can.

The water has to be calm and under the supervision of a lifeguard; because if you fall down to the water, they can survive you even if you have life jacket.

Why should we wear life jacket?

If you can swim, it is not a good logical reason to avoid using a life jacket. For example if you get unconscious, it can hold you on water up to lifeguards come and get you out of water.

In A&M water sports we will just give you life jacket on lake Simcoe, but if you want to have them on other lakes, you have to coordinate this with us. It does not charge you extra fee but have to give it back to us as well as they were. Otherwise you have to pay extra fee for them.

Also, it is better to choose best time for renting jet ski, because in crowded cities you can hardly ever find a bookable jet ski. Jet ski rental is one of the best people fun because it can be hourly and cost lower that other water sports.

A&M water sports is here to service you as well as it can and make you and your family happy.

Please use our book service to have your jet ski at your location. You can pay online and choose different options.

We would love to see you on Lake Simcoe.

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