For several years now, Taiga Motors has focused on designing and developing products that can be fitted with electric motors instead of fossil fuels.

The company, also known for making products with the least noise, recently unveiled a new jet ski called the Orca, which can provide the energy needed for a two-hour patrol on the water surface on a single charge.

Orca details

This electric jet ski can move at a maximum speed of 100 km / h and its engine has a power output of 180 hp. At the heart of this jet ski is a 23 kW battery that can be charged via a 240-volt output. It is also possible to increase the battery charge from zero to 80% in 20 minutes through fast charging technology and DC charger.

Orca warranty

Taiga Motors has announced that it took a lot of time and energy to build and install this battery on the body of this jet ski, so that there would be no problem for the jet ski and the passenger while traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Also, there will be no disruption in Orca battery performance after a long rest in the cold months of the year, and according to the company, all Orca ski jets will be offered with a five-year warranty, which will include up to 20,000 km of this warranty.

The Price of Orca

Of course, not everyone can afford such jet skis, as Taiga Motors has set a price of $24,000 for this product. Not to mention that a special model of this jet ski called Founders Edition has been produced, which will be sold for $ 28,000.

The main culprit in the high price of this electric jet ski should be considered the body of this product, which is made entirely of carbon fiber in order to reduce the weight of the jet ski. Interestingly, even with the use of carbon fiber, the boat weighs 263 kg, about half of which is due to its electric battery.

So, according to its price you have to consider that you can not rent this product at the low price. As you know jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada is a very competitive job so that each club has its own prices.

You can check out our shop page and choose your favorite jet ski. At this time, A&M water sports does not present this model of jet ski (Orca), but keep it in mind that Sea-Doo ones are the most popular devices.

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