A jet ski (PWC) is a small marine vehicle that uses an internal jet propulsion as a propulsion system and it is controlled by a person or persons sitting, standing or half standing on the float.

Jet ski population

Jet skis are a favorite of many people around the world today. This type of marine vehicle was first introduced to the world in 1986 by Yamaha Company. After the introduction of this product to the global market, it received so much attention that currently over 120 countries around the world use this device.

Jet ski features

PWC or jet ski, is like other large personal boats that has other features in addition to their features.

Jet ski in Canada

In our country, a few years ago, jet skiing as a recreational and sports device has received a lot of attention. There are different places that you can go and enjoy this water sport. For example, A&M water sports provide jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada for you at the lowest price.

It is used on the lakes like lake Simcoe, Lake Ontario, and private recreation centers as well as personally. For several years now, jet skiing has found its place as an official sport in the Sailing Federation, and competitions are held regionally and nationally in the country.

Jet ski production history

The process started with the design and construction of a jet ski with a gasoline engine with a volume of 1800 cc, the main purpose of this project is to be independent in the construction of this vessel as much as possible abroad.

The strategy is to design and build a vessel in an industrial way, which has not been produced in the countries like Iran with this method so far.

To design and build such a vessel, it is necessary to have technical and engineering sciences in the fields of ship architecture, mechanics, materials and polymers, electronics and telecommunications, as well as to have the science of construction and production.

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