If you have read our articles so far, you have read our previous article entitled “How to ride a jet ski safely?“. In A&M water sports we try to help you to increase your knowledge about jet ski and jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada.

Driving with a passenger

Riding alone and riding with a person is very different. The higher the overall weight on the jet ski, the more difficult it is to adjust the balance and performance of the device. It is generally recommended that you do not weigh more than 220 kg (500 lb). This weight includes everything you carry.

If you exceed the permissible weight, the device will be overturned or even immersed in water.

How should we get on jet ski?

When the driver gets on the machine, the passenger must also get on. It is usually much easier to get off the dock, but if you are in the water, follow the instructions described before. In this case, first make sure that the passengers accurately catch the person in front and put their feet on the stand. Then start the engine and look around for potential hazards. Move around when you are absolutely sure. Light turns, safe maneuvers and speed changes before dramatic movements will help you get used to the extra weight on your jet ski.

Basic speeds

In jet skiing, there are generally 4 types of speed.

Trawling Speed

The first speed or trawling speed is mostly used for dramatic movements. Mostly in this case you do not use a small amount or gas at all. The speed is about 24 km / h (15 mph and the engine will be smooth on the water and will not leave a trace on the wave.

Initial base speed

The next speed is the initial base speed, which travels between 25 and 35 kilometers per hour (15-20 miles) and produces water-like waves.

The other speeds

The next speeds are for public riding and are above 35-40 km / h. At these speeds, the engine is moving above the water level and the footprint waves are wide and low amplitude.


  • The overall weight is very important for jet ski riding, because if you don’t observe that, your jet ski device may capsize and go out of your control.
  • The other thing that you should keep in your mind, is your speed when riding. As we said, we have 4 general types of speed: Trawling speed, initial base speed and the others.
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