10 yachts priced under $1M

10 yachts priced under $ 1 million

Perhaps it cannot be considered a greater symbol than having a large, luxurious and equipped private yacht for the well-being and wealth of one person. When it comes to entertainment and recreation, yachts are the last toy that comes their way. In recent decades, the richest people in the world have been competing with each […]

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Jet ski rental in Canadian cities

Jet skiing in Canadian cities

Toronto is a city of the best and always strives to provide the best services to tourists. In this city, you can see all kinds of natural and artificial attractions. There is also a variety of emotional entertainment for adrenaline lovers in this city. One of the most popular and exciting water sports is jet […]

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Jet ski info

Is jet ski a motor or a boat?

Where did jet ski come from? What company made it? The answers to all these questions are in the following line. Jet ski design was first introduced to the market by the famous Japanese Kawasaki company. It did not take long for this wonderful boat engine to be introduced to industries around the world very […]

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