Perhaps it cannot be considered a greater symbol than having a large, luxurious and equipped private yacht for the well-being and wealth of one person. When it comes to entertainment and recreation, yachts are the last toy that comes their way. In recent decades, the richest people in the world have been competing with each other for the most expensive and fastest yachts. However, the prices we have to pay for these boats are also amazing. In addition to the staggering purchase price, you should also consider the exorbitant maintenance costs.

For example, a $ 10 million yacht costs about $ 1 million a year to maintain. The bigger your boat, the more expensive it is to maintain.

There are many things you can buy for a million dollars. One of these things is a yacht. Over the years, the owners of these boats have significantly reduced the selling price of their boats and sold them at prices below one million dollars.

What could be better than spending your vacation at a party or wedding party on the magnificent deck of a yacht? Of course, you do not have to spend a few million dollars for this. Do not expect to have a yacht of the latest giant model like what billionaires have. You can choose a more compact boat at a lower cost, which has the same amount of comfort and splendor and works just as well as they break the heart of the sea and move forward or you can go and check a boat rental in Toronto to use them. The following is a list of luxury yachts that are reasonably priced but no less attractive and comfortable than their bigger billionaire siblings. In fact, these boats have acquired a personality with years of experience in splitting the waters of the world’s oceans.

Chrysanthe: $ 1 million

Now that you are reading these lines, the price of yachts is falling. The Chrysanthe is no exception. Its price has dropped from $ 1.2 million to $ 1 million and may rise again. The boat was built in 2006 by Chief Chrysanthe S and was completely rebuilt in 2009. This boat has three cabins and a capacity of seven guests. There is a main VIP cabin equipped with a large bed. The other two cabins are twins. The latest technologies, ‌ Excellent performance, ‌ and comfort are the best words that can be used to describe Chrysanthe S. This boat is only 23 meters long, but still this boat can be considered a luxurious boat that everyone aspires to ride.

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