In the previous episodes we talked in full about the sport of water polo and its rules. Today we want to expand on this and talk about errors and other water polo issues.

Water polo sports faults

  • Hit the ball with a closed fist, lean or grab the goalposts
  • Swimming on the shoulders and dipping the ball under the opponent’s back during the opponent’s attack
  • Catch the ball in an instant with both hands splashing water on the opponent
  • Prevent the opponent from playing
  • Throwing the trunk on the opponent and pushing
  • Wasting time
  • If a player is fired 3 times, he will be disqualified with a substitute
  • If the player commits violence. Excluded will be no replacement.
  • The player is sent off for 20 seconds and is placed behind his own goal line.
  • Playing time of 4 useful and active 8-minute periods for men and women in four sets of 4 to 6 minutes.

Water Polo Ball

Water polo ball is made of insulating rubber that does not weigh down in water. It weighs 450-400 grams, its circumference is 71-68 cm for men and 67-65 cm for women. At the beginning of the match, the ball is placed in the center of the pool and the player must swim towards the center of the pool to catch it.

Water polo sports injuries

Some water polo injuries are caused by doing this exercise in water, such as allergies and redness of the eyes, sunburn, and skin infections. But the following are common and specific injuries to this sport

Stretching of the shoulder tendons

This injury is very common because athletes put a lot of pressure on the muscles and tendons of this area to increase the strength and speed of the ball, causing the tendons to stretch and sometimes rupture.

Injury to the fingers

The rapid speed of the ball and its collision with the fingers of athletes’s hands can cause bruises, bruises and even wounds and fractures in these areas.


Face Injury

Water polo is a high-impact sport in which athletes accidentally or intentionally strike blows to an opposing player. As a result, bruising under the eyes and tearing of the lips are common injuries.

Factors that cause more damage

  • Lack of strength and flexibility for this sport
  • Inexperience and insufficient skills in performing techniques
  • Do not use safety devices such as helmets and ear and mouth protection devices

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