Water polo is another group sport that is done in water. Water polo, like other sports, has its own rules and conditions. Join us to learn more about this sport.

What is Water Polo?

Water polo is a group sport that uses a ball in the water. In which two teams with 7 players and a goalkeeper in each team along with 6 reserve players participate in this sport, players must move by swimming. This game is played in 4 times of 8 minutes. The winner is the team that throws more balls into the opponent’s goal in these 4 times. Join us to learn more about this sport.

History of water polo sport

Water polo was invented in Britain in the 1870s and its first rules were established in Scotland and England. The first international match between the national teams of the two countries was held in 1890 in London and ended with the victory of Scotland.

It was the first team sport to enter the 1900 Olympics, winning the British championship. The domination of the Iranians in this field later disappeared and countries such as Hungary, Italy and Eastern European countries became the first powers in this field.

Women’s water polo entered the Olympics at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The sport is run internationally by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). The length of the water polo pool in international competitions is 30 meters and its width is 20 meters. The gates are 3 meters wide and 90 cm above the water level. The weight of the ball is 400 to 450 grams. In women’s competitions, a smaller pool 25 meters long and 17 meters wide is used.

Benefits of Water Polo

  • Increased physical strength, especially in the muscles of the thighs, arms and wrists
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase the speed of reaction in response to stimuli
  • Increase the power of focus, coordination and map design
  • Strengthens speed, strength, willpower and endurance
  • Awareness and awareness and concentration of the senses and agility and resistance and control of the nerves

The first World Water Polo League

The first World Water Polo League officially started in 2002. At that time, there were only eight teams in the league in two groups.

The top teams in the league were Russia, Spain, Hungary and Greece. The first team prize in 2002 was the same one hundred thousand dollars.

Basic skills in water polo

To do water polo, an athlete must be able to do certain things. The first factor necessary to start this sport is swimming skills. In this sport, players must be able to swim 30 meters in the pool over and over again. The way water polo players swim is different from classic swimming. In this method, the players use a free steel so that when swimming, their heads will always be out of the water so that they can dominate the game.

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