In kite surfing, directional boards are usually used, which are similar to pointed surfboards, which are mostly for catching waves. But in kiteboarding, twin tips are usually used.

Benefits of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is not only beneficial for body health, fitness, increasing flexibility and increasing concentration, but it is also considered as a low-injury sport with all aerial maneuvers, dramatic movements and challenges. For example, the number of injuries in this sport is 7 people per 1000 hours, while in American football this number is 36 people per 1000 hours.

Who is kiteboarding suitable for?

If you do not have a specific disease or water phobia and you have minimal physical fitness so that you can maintain your balance, you can try kiteboarding.

Suitable place for kiteboarding

Any blue place that has the following characteristics is suitable for kiteboarding.

  • Half a meter deep with enough space and winds facing the shore or parallel to the shore at a speed of 10 to 35 knots (19 to 65 kilometers per hour).
  • Have a suitable place to lift and put the kite to sleep.

Kiteboarding is often done on the shores of seas, oceans, lakes and small bays, and in rare cases on large rivers.

Popular kiteboarding destinations

There are many attractive destinations in the world for this exciting sport, and this makes it a little difficult to choose the best destinations. In this section, we have introduced the 3 most popular destinations on which there is the most consensus.

Among them, we can mention the beaches of Trafia in Spain, which is the best season to use it in the months of April to November.

Part of the Red Sea coast in Greece is also one of the most popular destinations every year, the best time to travel for kiteboarding is from March to October.

And finally, the beaches of Mui Ne in Vietnam, which is the best time to do kiteboarding between November to March.

Where to start?

There are 2 centers in the world in the field of holding kiteboarding training courses. The most common is the non-profit organization (IKO), which offers courses ranging from rider levels to coaching and specialist clinics. The organization is a non-profit commercial training center, but its certifications are not approved by the World Sailing Federation and the World Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

Another certification body is the International Kiteboarding Association, which is part of the body of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Certificates issued by (IKA) are recognized throughout the body and structure of sports in the world and in all countries.

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