As we have talked a lot about jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada and Boat rental in Toronto and Canada, Today we are going to describe Water Polo rules.

Each team consists of 13 players, including seven main players and six reserve players. The main players have one goalkeeper and six players. These six players can appear in both attacking and defensive roles and have no special place.

One of the important rules of water polo is that ground players are not allowed to hold the ball with both hands and must control it with only one hand. At a distance of two meters from the goalkeepers of each team, there are signs called two-meter line. The players of the opposing team should not enter this area if they do not have the ball.

The duration of the game is four minutes for men in eight sets and four sets of four to six minutes for women.

Ground size (international)

length 30 meters and width 20 meters and water depth 2 meters (4 feet) and should not be less than 1.80 meters.

Gate size

its length is 3 meters, height is 90 cm and depth is 30 cm, and its material is wood or metal or plastic and its color is white.

Water polo ball

400 to 450 grams and yellow color. This type of ball consists of three main parts, blade, screw thread and ball surface and is produced in two sizes for men and women.

Water polo ball circumference

between 67 to 71 cm and its surface is made of leather or plastic.

Start of the game

The ball is placed in the middle of the water by a ring or thrown by the referee.

Number of replacements


The distance from the penalty spot to the goal is 4 meters. Raising 2 median flags means the goal is accepted. Number of breaks after each period for 2 minutes and two 1-minute breaks in each period.
A team can have the ball for 35 seconds. From behind 7 meters, the error can be scored one goal.
There are four lines with red line colors, yellow line, green line, white line.

Red line

2 meters The opposing team player should not enter this area if they have the ball. Yellow line: 4 meters penalty – a mistake that the referee gives a penalty.

White line

goal line and half line green line: 7 meters – players are free in this area.


2 meters from the area and the right place with the exit of the attack team players from this area and otherwise it will be repeated.

Extra time

2 times of 5 minutes

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