In this sport, a special board with a length of 2 to 4 meters is used and the work exercise is moved by the wind force on the sail mounted on this board. Windsurfing, unlike surfing, does not require long waves. The equipment installed on the board and rig is easily rotatable and gives the sport the ability to have high freedom of action when moving. The range of the sail varies from about 3 square meters to 12 square meters according to different conditions and the skills of athletes.


S. Newman Darby, originating in 1964 on the Suskehana River in Pennsylvania, USA, did not patent the Darby Sailing Desk Initiative due to limited financial resources and inadequate legal advice. His main focus in “Derby Industries” was selling programs so that any school-age child could make one under $50. Instead of creating personal wealth, his focus was on introducing young people to the sport of sailing, even in very shallow water. In 1964, Derby began selling its sailing boards. The Derby promotional article was published in the August 1965 issue of the journal Science Science. Windsurfing offers experiences that are beyond the scope of other sailing associate designs. Athletes can perform jumps, inverted loops, spin maneuvers and other “free” movements that can not be moved with any type of yacht. The Windsurfs were the first to ride some of the world’s largest waves, such as the Joz, on Mao Island, and with very few exceptions, until the advent of surfing, waves of this magnitude reached the surfers in the more traditional ones. Intense Wave Climbing Boards Together, many professional windshields ride the same waves that surfers do.

Tips for surfing

Surfing takes a lot of time

As a beginner, you should know that surfing is one of the most complex sports in the world and you have many challenges to achieve your first success. When you fail to reach a wave, you will probably be disappointed, but in this adventure to succeed, this will happen to you many times. Even the best surfers can sometimes not reach the big, surprising waves, but they always remember one thing: they do not give up trying every day! You may get hurt over and over again during the ride, but eventually a smile settles on your face that never fades. It is enough to be positive and patient and practice hard to reach a feeling that will never be forgotten by riding a wave.

Give your body a proper state in water

To move from a beginner surfer to an intermediate surfer, you need to know how to position your body on the surfboard. The first thing to do is tie your legs. Most novice surfers put their feet far apart. Just look at other professional surfers and act like them. Another mistake is the posture on the board: do not spread like a flat pancake on the board! Stretch your body and head and be strong and flexible in the water.

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