In the last article, we talked about different types of swimming. Today we want to continue this discussion, because there is no need to talk about jet ski rental in Toronto or boat rental in Toronto.

Crawl back

  • Backstroke crawl swimming is like a frog swim, but the person’s face is upwards instead of downwards.
  • It is easier to breathe in backstroke because your mouth and nose are separate from the water, but it also has the problem of not being able to see where you are going.
  • Like the abdominal crawl, the key to this type of swimming is to rotate the trunk and pelvic joints.
  • When performing a back crawl, your arms should be bent at the elbows when moving your hands back into the water. Many people mistakenly keep their arms straight while moving.


Freestyle swimming is a type of swimming that is defined by FINA (World Federation of Swimming, Diving and Water Polo) and is performed in various world and Olympic competitions, which is one of the fastest swimming styles.
Freestyle swimming means that in this swimming competition, a swimmer can swim in any style he/she wants, except in individual or mixed team competitions where free swimming means any style except back, frog or so on.

Butterfly swimming

Swimmers usually compete in the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1,500m individual freestyle and the four-on-200 and 100m freestyle team athletes.

Mixed swimming

Mixed swimming is a combination of four swims: butterfly swimming, backstroke, frog swimming and freestyle swimming. The design of this type of swimming dates back to the 1950s, when it was introduced in 1954.
In the official and international competitions, 100 in the four-meter mixed relief, 400-meter individual and 200-meter individual competitions will be held.


Diving is one of the most important and beautiful sports in swimming. Diving is generally done either from the platform or from a springboard.
There are two types of platforms: 10-meter platform and 5-meter platform. There are also 2 types of metal boards: 3 meters and 1 meter.
Diving is done both with and without running.

Types of diving

There are different types of dives that divers from the moment they leave the platform or board to enter the water, twist their body in different ways and then dive into the water.
Types of dives are: angel, broken, open set, a front wheel with a backrest, a backrest and a half, backward diving, a moonlight, balance dive, diving balance, screw dives.

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