Last week we talked completely about the sport of sailing. Today we want to look at different types of it.

Familiarity with calm water sailing

The Calm Waters sport is one of the two most fascinating and exciting Olympic disciplines in rowing. In fact, the calm waters themselves are divided into the Canadian canoe and kayak disciplines, both of which have exactly the same rules of rowing. The Canadian Canoe is a very narrow, rudderless boat in which one has to kneel and paddle with one hand. Therefore, you should know that the paddle of this discipline is one-piece and on the other side it has the T-handle that the boatman holds.
A kayak is also a narrow boat that is steered by a rudder and the boatman sits in it and paddles with the movements of his hands and back. Therefore, it is better to know that the kayak paddle has a cup on both sides. For this reason, in calm water competitions, boaters compete in a specific route and with special signs in different distances of 1000, 500 and 200 meters.

What is Slalom Boating?

Slalom rowing is another type of Olympic rowing in which people who participate in this type of rowing must have high skills and power in rowing. In a slalom boat race, one has to adjust one’s speed according to the gates marked on the route. Therefore, hitting or losing one or more gates is a crime for him, because he has done something against the law in such a way that the negative score of such crimes is added to the time of the athletes.

In slalom, the athlete must complete the set distance in the shortest time possible without any errors. For example, if an athlete hits one or both of the bars assigned to him as a goal, 50 seconds will be added to his time. On the other hand, the slalom race track is designed in natural or artificial rivers at distances of 250 and 600 meters. Boats have to move clockwise when crossing the gates, which is also very enjoyable and exciting.

What is Canapolo Boating ?!

Now we come to one of the most exciting and beautiful types of sailing! In this type of rowing, the two teams try to get the ball into each other’s goal in a blue field such as a water polo field. The boats in this row are 3 meters long.
Boat This type of boat, which is 3 meters long, is covered with bumpers both from the front and from the back. Each team also has 5 players, one of whom must stand in the goal. The field of this type of canoe is 35 meters long and 23 meters wide, which can be easily used for boating.

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