Boating is an Olympic sport full of excitement and fun that we want to introduce you to the types of this sport so that you can watch the Olympic competitions with complete information and enjoy.

Boating is one of those sports that has its own fans, especially.
Boating is a discipline that, in addition to exercise and health, is also a hobby. Because it is a sport full of excitement.
Our purpose in writing this article on the history, rules and terms of sailing was to get acquainted with this sport before the start of the Olympic rowing competitions and to follow the Olympic competitions with more pleasure and attention.

History of the sport of sailing

Before we study and research, we all think that sailing is a new sport that has been recognized in recent years.
But with the study of the history of this sport full of excitement, we found that the sport dates back to 4000 BC, which was really surprising to everyone.
People at that time had to take refuge in the water to survive and escape the dangers of their surroundings, so they built boats with tree trunks. Over time, the Eskimos, Egyptians, and Africans began to build better, more modern boats, most of which were made of animal skins.

Over time, boats called the Kao were built for trade, travel, and warfare with 80 rowers. Hence, rowing has become known as a sport over time and many people have turned to professional activities in it. Because with the passage of time and the modernization of the human world, rowing has entered international competitions so that anyone who is looking for sports and entertainment can take part in it.

Everything about the sport of sailing

Boating today is a sport and entertainment that has different types.
Types of rowing include calm water rowing, canoe polo, dragon rowing, yachting, slalom rowing and rowing.
The calm water rowing course includes kayaks and one-, two-, three- and four-person kayaks. The kayak series also has a single-person kayak, a two-person kayak and a four-person kayak. The Cao series also has a single-person Kao, a two-person Kao, and a four-person Kao.

Now we are going to have a brief introduction to different types of sailing.

  • Calm Water Committee
  • Slalom and Roaring Water Committee
  • Marathon Committee
  • Canopolo Committee
  • Sailing Committee
  • Turing Committee

Next week we will talk more about it. If you have any other question about jet ski and boat rental in Toronto and Canada, please feel free to ask us.

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