When swimming in the river, whether you get out of a boat or jump into the water, it will be exciting for you and there are two techniques for it:

The first technique is to take the position of the swimmers down

In this position, the nose, toes and back are down and you can see where you are jumping and you have to bend your knees a little and this way you can see any boulder and use your legs. Do not face them and your arms should be completely next to your body to maintain control and your hips in this position must be up and if you sit on your hips, you will definitely fall on the rock. .

Keep your legs together.

The second technique: The position used for swimmers in this route can be used more in critical situations, and this position is such that you should be on your stomach and maintain your balance, and if the exercise and fitness section is wet. Explain the location you want to go to and continue swimming until you have finished crossing the river.

If you chose to swim towards the beach, you can go all the way to the beach.

Never move around standing up and most water walking tips will be provided by experts.

Of course, being close to the shore is not an ideal place to swim, but the good thing is that when you get lost in the boat, you can easily get back to land and your work is easier.

What is the usual water temperature in this type of river?

The water in these places is still cool all year round, because the ice has melted there. Also, the temperature of these waters is 10 degrees Celsius, which is why you should have complete equipment to protect you from the cold.

Do you know how to swim for rafting?

Swimming for rafting has its own rules and regulations that you can enroll in a rafting class and get a special certificate and learn how to swim at a depth of at least 25 meters.

Is it possible to get a private trainer for rafting?

Yes, of course, there is a private trainer for this sport.

Equipment used in rafting includes the following:

– Flat boat

Flat past passes were very sensitive and they tore at high speeds and were very dangerous. New technologies are used for modern trips that are more reliable for high speeds.

– Life jacket

Equipment is used for the safety of these athletes, which are available in all sizes. So you will definitely not have trouble choosing them, and this equipment should be age-appropriate enough to be able to push your body through the water.

– Helmet

Athletes in this field should wear helmets and prevent head injuries, and should choose a hat that suits their head.

– Paddles

These paddles are made of materials that are easily pushed into the water.

– Diving Suits

If wet sports and fitness are mentioned, rafting athletes wear diving suits when the water is very cold, which also prevents problems such as colds.

– Dry clothes

These athletes should wear dry clothes when they are in the water, which keeps their body temperature balanced.

– Use of drop bags

These bags contain devices that are suitable for rescuing a person who falls into the water. These bags are attached to a rope and one end is attached to the bag and the other end is in the hands of the athlete.

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