Use protective equipment:

Always wear a helmet as wearing a helmet has nothing to do with rafting safety. Eventually you will be in danger and you should not allow your children to ride bicycles or any other vehicle without a helmet, let alone rafting. Making sense of security makes you feel good and make sure you use the right security equipment.

In early spring, the water is a little cooler and you can use thicker clothes and splash jackets and splash rackets as well as suitable river shoes to make the trip easier for you and allow you to enjoy this excitement more.

Prepare yourself for sunny days as well

On such days, you can wear lighter clothes and you should definitely wear sunglasses and do not forget about sunscreen and do not forget that your glasses should protect against UV rays and remember that sunburn can Too intense to happen to anyone. Rafting masters use fully sized equipment and are careful that the equipment is not too wide for them.

Hold the paddles properly

Keeping the paddle in the right position can eliminate the highest worries and provide the most security. One of your hands should be based on these paddles and the other hand should always be at the end of the T-shaped part. These hooks are made of rigid plastic and you can put your hands on these hooks and maintain control of the paddles. You can ask the specialist for the necessary tips.

The surrounding sound is perfectly normal

The sport is such that there is no specific place and one minute you may be in a boat and the next minute you are swimming and when rafting, the boulders come down in the water.

Note that you can use facilities called shock absorbers, which protect your boat, and when the boat sits on a rock, you must return to your seat and be ready to paddle. The most important thing to remember is to never be afraid.

Most of the time when someone gets out of the boat, they fall right into the water next to the boat and you do not have to swim the whole way, you just have to keep both feet away from the boat and you should not get too far away from the boat and you should Look for other security options or try to find another boat and remember that you can go to other beaches and choose the one that is closer.

If you are scared, you should not think about the way back to the boat and try to choose the fastest possible way, and for all these details and details, you can talk to a specialist and get the necessary guidance.

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