Rafting is one of the most exciting water sports that has many fans and there are special places for this sport to ensure your safety.

Rafting is mostly practiced in Lebanon, and the high speeds of this sport are usually done along the Al-Assi River. Rafting travel is very exciting for travelers and is associated with risk and danger and greatly increases the adrenaline. If you have experienced water rafting before or you are new and want to try it for the first time, there are special places that make it possible for you to do it. Complete security is also observed in these tours and you can see the international standards in passenger tours.

History of rafting sport

White water rafting is one of the most important sports in the mid-1970s and its popularity has gradually increased. Rookies around the world have tried to increase their natural strength to cross the river and try to add more excitement to rafting. Young people and children from the age of 8 onwards consider river rafting a challenge and rafting is very intense and is an outdoor activity that improves breathing.

Is rafting safe?

Although this sport is a bit intense, the rafting tours of some rivers are completely safe and all measurements and standards have been observed.
Expert and experienced guidance can also increase security, and first aid is fully prepared.
They briefly explain the passengers and those who have already experienced rafting can also get instructions from professional trainers. In addition, rafting is done with completely safe ropes and very modern equipment, and every passenger should have a helmet and gloves, and be sure that this sport is very exciting and fun and does not pose a danger to you.

Solutions for rafting safety

You can also get a specialized degree for this sport, and when you want to have a complete pack of equipment for rafting, you should ask the seller questions.
Ask them how long they have been working in this business and ask about the CEO’s background, that you must work with fully specialized equipment and coach, and specialized equipment will help you to better follow the principles of sports. .
Always wear a life jacket or carry your own water supply equipment.
A life jacket does not mean that it saves your life and you should wear it properly. All locks should be closed and should be exactly the size of your body. As you read in A&M Water Sports, on the other hand, the vest should be placed in your body in such a way that you are allowed to breathe and do not have to raise your head. You should always follow this to get the most out of it.

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