Surfing is an exciting, enjoyable and challenging sport. Riding the waves of the sea and becoming one with the power of nature is an experience that frees your mind from the outside world. On the other hand, it is the best exercise to have hope and try to overcome external problems.

Being aware of the possible dangers of any activity prepares us to face it, so pay special attention to safety in surfing!
In all the types of surfing mentioned in the previous articles, the surfer must be a very skilled swimmer. A surfboard may be lost or even broken in the water, in which case the surfer must be able to swim back to shore. The waves and water currents are very strong, and drowning is one of the main dangers of surfing. Although the surfboard is a light device suspended in the water, it cannot be counted on as a device that floats on the surface of the water.

All surfers in every discipline of surfing experience being thrown into the water while surfing. This happens more often when the waves are longer, stronger and more unpredictable. These strong waves can throw the surfer to the sea floor or towards the sea. Or even hit the rocks and corals on the seabed.
The significant and important point is that even professional and experienced surfers are not completely immune from these dangers, and every surfer should be fully aware of the basic principles of surfing.

Sea creatures

Some sea creatures may also be dangerous for surfers. Very large sea plants, which can reach up to 9 meters in length in some surfable areas, can be troublesome for surfers. Some types of sharks, such as white sharks, are another danger that surfers have encountered in limited cases. When the surfer lies down on the board and paddles to go to the Surf Line, they can see what looks like seals and sea turtles from under the water. This is where some species of sharks that feed on these animals may mistakenly attack them.
but do not worry. None of the creatures we mentioned exist in Lake Simcoe and Ontario, and all such incidents have been reported in very small numbers in places like Australia and the United States.

So as we mentioned, surfing has its own dangers like jet ski rental in Toronto and Lake Simcoe. So you have to be alert.

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