Last week, we told you 3 safety tips when doing water sports. Today we want to continue to review these points together. Stay with us.

4- Never go swimming or diving alone

One of the important points of safety in water sports is not to be alone. Even if you enjoy your moments of solitude, we still say that you should not go swimming and diving alone. Make sure someone is watching you while you are in the water. It doesn’t matter if you went swimming or sailing or fishing; Never risk your life alone.

5- Carrying additional safety equipment

Carry extra safety gear when sailing. These supplies can include extra life jackets, cell phones, first aid kits, hand tools, and essentials such as knives, water bottles, and towels. For greater water sports safety, make sure that you and your passengers are fully aware of carrying these equipments and know how to use them properly. Also, make sure supplies and equipment are available, but stored safely.

6- Tell your companions where you are going.

You don’t have to send your exact sailing plan to anyone, but you should still fill out the required information and give it to someone on shore. If you don’t return as scheduled, this information can be a starting point for finding you and getting help. Many plans can go wrong, especially when you’re in the middle of the water. From physical problems to mechanical issues can occur. Therefore, for the safety of the water sports you are doing, make the necessary predictions in advance and be prepared for possible incidents.

7- Check the weather and meteorology.

You should always know about the weather today and the coming days. Especially when you plan to go on the water and do water sports. This situation includes checking the sea conditions. If the meteorologist has predicted rainy or stormy weather for the sea; Avoid recreational water sports. If you are caught in bad sea weather, quickly get everyone into the ship and boat and return to the shore.

8- Follow the rules while sailing.

Sailing on a lake, river or sea has its own rules, for each of which you must know the specific conditions. If you are in navigable waters, keep your distance from other ships and boats. Also, there are people on the beach who are called point finders. If you water ski, or have inflatable tubes and pull people in the sea, be sure to look for hand and face signs that boaters and skis. Riders use it in different conditions. Be aware. You may not hear even the loudest shouts in the sea.

9- Being alert in the water

When you want to do water sports specially when you go for a jet ski rental in Toronto and Lake Simcoe, it is very important to be fully alert. Sailing and water sports are among the disciplines that require concentration and alertness. You are also responsible for those who are with you. So you may need to react quickly in some situations, especially when you are in dangerous situations. Most of the incidents in the sea happen due to people’s unconsciousness. So for the safety of the water sports you participate in, be calm, safe and alert!

10- Care against sunburn

During the spring and summer, you are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun when you are on a boat or playing in the water. To protect your skin and keep it hydrated, be sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Reapply sunscreen as recommended after you get out of the water. One of the safety tips for water sports during vacations is to maintain your health during leisure time so that your enjoyment is doubled. Also, wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes and wearing sun hats to cover your head and shade your face can be very helpful. Wearing long clothes that cover the body can also help in your health and prevent sunburn.

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