Triathlon is one of the most popular Olympic disciplines in the world, this discipline includes 1500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of cross-country skiing, which is done consecutively.

History of Triathlon in the world

The first triathlon was held in France in 1921 under the name of the triathlon, in which athletes cycled 7 km, ran 5 km, and finally swam 200 m. Although the sport ceased for 50 years, it was finally introduced in 1972 as a dual sport among other sports. In that year, the competitions included running and swimming.

In 1974, several athletes from the three sports of athletics, swimming, and cycling decided to compete in a combination of the three sports in the United States. At first, they were worried that the number of participants would not reach the desired level, but in complete disbelief, 46 athletes were put together at the starting line. In 1978, a U.S. Navy officer introduced a subset of triathlon. A swimmer and runner himself, he followed the news of cycling competitions and believed that cyclists were strong and capable athletes. For this reason, he decided to continue the movement four years ago to offer a more difficult type of triathlon, which became known as the Iron Men competition. In the first round, 15 people competed, of which only 12 made it to the finish line, but today more than 30,000 people from all over the world compete each year.

World Trade Union

The International Triathlon Association (ITU) was founded in France in 1989, and in August of that year the first world competitions in the field were held, and now more than 175 countries are members of this union. The International Triathlon Federation is currently chaired by Marisol Casado of Spain. The Tri-Asian Confederation was established in South Korea in 1991 and is chaired by Justin Park of South Korea, who currently has 36 members. Triathlon entered the Olympics in 2000. Initially, the WTO had 25 members, but now has more than 175 members.

Types of branches of this sport

Currently, three branches of triathlon, aquathlon and duathlon, are planning their world competitions under the auspices of the ITU.

Water dual(Aquathlon)

Participants at the beginning of the race must run the standard distance of 5 km and then swim two km and run 5 km again in a row until the end of swimming. The first round of the competition was held in 1998. Distances vary at different ages. For example, in the youth age group, these distances are reduced by half.


This competition consists of two sections, two and one section of cycling. Participants must run the standard distance of 10 km, then ride 40 km and again run 5 km in a row in standard distance.

Distances are different at different ages. For example, in the age group of young people, these distances are reduced by half.

Winter triathlon

These competitions include cross-country skiing, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. (Includes 7 to 9 km of running – 12 to 14 km of mountain biking and 10 to 12 km of cross-country skiing)

Rescue team triathlon

These competitions include 250 to 300 meters of swimming, 5 to 8 kilometers of cycling and 1.5 to 2 kilometers of cross-country skiing.

Dual relief team

These competitions include 2 km of cross-country, 8 km of cycling and again 1 km of cross-country.

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