Water skiing is a kind of water sport. The athlete, while skiing on his feet, is pulled on the water by motorized watercraft at a speed of about thirty kilo-meters per hour. The competition field is two hundred meters long and twenty meters wide, which is closed by floating balls and is marked with a diameter of five Centimeters.

History of water skiing

Water Skiing was invented in 1922 in Lake City, Minnesota, USA by 19-year-old Ralph Samuelson.
Ralph Samuelson first tried the sport in the Lake Pepin area of ​​the Mississippi River. Samwalson believed that if you could ski on snow, then you could do the same on water!

Tools used

The wood that was first used for this sport was the usual ski. Of course, the original type of ski used for water was made of wood, but today the material used for this type of wood is fiberglass.


Water skis are usually wider than snow skis and have smaller footrests than snow sticks. The skier guides himself with a handle attached to the boat by a rope.

Life jacket

There is usually a vest that is a life jacket and is attached to this rope to prevent the rider from drowning. But amateur skiers should wear this coat. Some skiers also do this sport without skis. In fact, with bare feet, this type of skiing, of course, is called barefoot skiing (Barefoot Skiing).

Water skiing competitions

This fascinating sport is followed in a variety of competitions. One of these types of competitions is single player competition. In this form, each person participates in the competition individually. There is also a group type of this sport. In this type, several people are connected to a boat and do this sport in the form of a team.

Race distance

Usually in water skiing competition, a route with a certain distance is determined. Obstacles and turns are placed on this route, which the skier has to travel with his skills and using the minimum time. Acrobatic and dramatic movements also have points in these competitions.


Obstacles such as the jumpboard allow the skier to demonstrate his acrobatic and skillful movements by jumping and spinning in the air.


Speed ​​team water skiing competition is also important in this competition, the faster the boat moves and the better the skier controls himself, the higher the score.

The fastest skier ever able to move has a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, but in competitions skiers are not allowed to move more than 58 kilometers per hour (for men), 52 kilometers (for women) and less than 42 kilometers.

Today, this sport is considered as one of the most popular recreational sports around the world. In Canada, water skiing is available on lakes as well as the sea. In Toronto, the sport is also offered to fans.

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