Exercising the whole body

Swimming uses all muscle groups in the body. A person should use the muscles of the arms, legs, torso and abdomen to swim.

Increase cardiovascular strength

Cardiovascular exercises are exercises that use the heart, lungs and vascular system of the body. Swimming is part of this group of sports. Swimming lowers blood pressure and controls blood sugar.

Suitable for all ages and all bodies

People with different physical fitness and different ages can swim. They just have to choose the intensity of the swim to suit their situation.

Swimming is a skill

In addition to improving your health, swimming is a skill that can save your life, even in certain situations.

Swimming is suitable for injured people

People with osteoarthritis who cannot do strenuous exercise can swim because water does not put pressure on muscles and joints.

Swimming is suitable for the disabled

People with physical disabilities can swim and the sport is easier for them.

Swimming helps people with asthma

Swimming increases the ability of the lungs and controls breathing. Humid air inside the pool reduces the symptoms of asthma.

Improving the condition of MS patients by swimming

People with MS can find better conditions by swimming. Swimming reduces pain in these patients and prevents fatigue and depression.

Swimming is not dangerous for women

Pregnant women who are overweight may be harmed by strenuous exercise. Swimming is not dangerous for these people and it is easier.

Calorie burning above swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for burning calories. The amount of calories burned by swimming depends on the intensity of exercise and the body.

Enjoyable swimming

People who do not have the patience to exercise can choose to swim. This exercise is invigorating and does not tire the person.

Increase sleep quality

Exercise is suitable for people who are looking for better sleep and have insomnia.

Improve morale

Exercise triggers the release of endorphins. In this way, it improves morale and self-confidence.

Stress control by swimming

Swimming reduces stress and anxiety.

Low cost and affordable

Many cities have pools with different prices that most people can easily use these facilities.

Swimming pools

For people living in cities, swimming pools can be almost the only choice. But try to choose a pool that is large enough so that you do not spend all your time walking around.

If you can swim in the river or sea, your training will be better because the waves will increase your body’s resistance. Another advantage of swimming in the river and sea is that you can swim half the time and then spend the rest running along the beach. Running on the beach sand is more intense than running on a treadmill.

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