Yamaha is another Japanese company that in the first place reminds everyone of popular motorcycles that have been imported to Canada for more than 70 years and have always been very popular during these years. This well-known company also offers a few models in the jet ski market in the country, which, due to their relatively reasonable prices, are mostly used for recreational purposes at the docks. This model of Yamaha 1100 cc jet skis is the most complete example of them, which is equipped with a larger seat in the final version. The engine is exactly 1052 cc, four-cylinder and four-stroke.


This propulsion in the 2017 models of this jet ski has become the propulsion known as TR-1 HO, which has a three-cylinder engine with the same volume and in addition to higher efficiency, has a more efficient fuel consumption, which is not currently available in most countries. The fuel system in the VX Cruiser is injector and, like most jet skis in this class, uses regular gasoline to supply the fuel it needs. A relatively large tank is installed just below the seat of this jet ski, which has a storage capacity of up to 60 liters. Anti-theft system, remote control and Low RPM Mode technology to limit the engine speed and as a control mechanism are the main features of this medium jet.

Updated Version

As mentioned, in the updated version of this sports device, Yamaha has provided a larger seat for it and named it Cruiser, which, along with the body, despite the various handling grooves and the good stability it has provided for the Jet ski. It has created a beautiful shape and image for it. According to the company, this model of jet skis weighs 360 kilometers and their length reaches more than 3 meters. Relatively low fuel consumption, the presence of a hook to tie the water ski rope, the back of the amp with indicators of engine speed, fuel level, engine oil level, operating hours, intelligent troubleshooting system and also the engine check light are other additional features that can be mentioned.

In addition to this model, there are VX Deluxe and Sport versions that are not much different from this model in terms of technical characteristics, and their differences can be summarized in a few minor cases of welfare services. Prices for VX with Cruiser seats in the global market start at $ 10,000 depending on the level of options. But in Canada, previous models are offered with more concise features and are bought and sold at a price of about $20,000 to $30.000. Another popular example of a Yamaha jet ski is the limited number on the market, which comes with a 1.8-liter engine and more power depending on the year of supply and the number of hours of operation at different prices, sometimes with relatively large differences.

So if you want to enjoy jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada, we recommend to use this type of jet ski.

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