If you are interested in the world of boats or you are interested in computer boating games, Sea-Doo Company is definitely for you. Sea-Doo is a veteran manufacturer of powerful boats and is engaged in the production of water vehicles. High quality, unique design, use of advanced technologies and appropriate level of welfare services are the main features of this multi-identity company.


Sea-Doo jet skis in worldwide market are also known for these characteristics and although there are few examples of them, they are known as one of the reliable and high level imports. This model of Sea-Doo jet skis should be considered as a sign of the peak of manufacturers’ focus on producing fast and at the same time stable devices.

Technical Specifications

For this purpose, a 90-degree rear fin, which locks at the end of the body, has been designed and many details have been considered in the design of the seat. The seat of most jet skis is designed so that the driver has to use extra force to lock his legs and control the steering wheel; However, the seat of this jet ski, considering the dimensions and the amount of maneuverability, is designed in such a way that the driver is behind the wheel in ideal conditions.


This jet ski has a relatively powerful 1.5-liter three-cylinder EFI engine equipped with a supercharger and an external intercooler.

Fuel Supply System

The fuel supply system is injector and its fuel tank can hold up to 60 liters of gasoline. One of the most interesting systems that Sea-Doo uses in its jet skis is the VTS or Variable Trim System technology, which allows the driver to maintain the highest speed as well as the angle of deviation of the jet ski on the turns in the system as soon as the conditions for speed Gripping or maneuvering was ready to reach the desired position with just the push of a button on the steering wheel.

This increases the driver’s focus on the water path and, in the most appropriate circumstances, makes the right decision to change direction or increase speed. With this system, it will be more attractive to use 260 horsepower, which can reach speeds of up to 105 km / h. Intelligent throttle control, or iTC, or intelligent braking system, also known as the iBR, is another technology used at Sea-Doo that highlights the company’s jet skis among its competitors, especially the Japanese. A handful of RXP X 260 models are sold in worldwide market until 2014, and for their price range, a figure equivalent to $5500 can be considered. The latest version of this model was available until 2015, which of course was not much different from the 2014 model. It was later marketed under the RXT code, and its 2017 models are currently priced from $ 14,000 upwards.

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