Kawasaki is a well-known company in the field of producing powerful engines and is one of the first manufacturers of jet skis in the world. After the famous entry of Kawasaki products in the motorcycle market in the last 3 decades, Kawasaki jet skis with very powerful engines and exemplary handling entered the waters of Canada.

Ultra 310x

Model Ultra 310 X is one of the most complete and powerful jet skis of this company that is offered in Canada. In addition to its high propulsive power, this jet ski incorporates several technologies and can be considered as one of the smartest jet skis in the world. The Ultra 310X has a 1500 cc engine with 4-cylinder inline and is equipped with a supercharger and intercooler. Electronic valve technology known as ETV, cruise control system, speed limiter up to 5 mph and Economy Assistant Mode to control fuel consumption are some of the technologies that can be seen in the 2017 model of this popular jet ski. Adjustable in 5 different directions, the steering wheel shows the flexibility of this device to accommodate different styles of drivers.

Technical Specifications

The body components are fully integrated and carry a 78-liter fuel tank, which is one of the largest fuel tanks. Other technologies of this jet ski include intelligent steering control for novice drivers. At high speeds and maneuvers on the waves where there is a possibility of steering wheel rotation and jet ski overturning, this technology is activated and by applying a control force on the steering wheel, it does not allow incorrect rotation by the driver. SLO, or Smart Learning Operation, is a technology for beginners that limits jet ski maneuvers and prevents novice drivers from moving around.


The Kawasaki Ultra 310X is equipped with an anti-theft system and is easily found in the domestic market. The purchase of this smart jet ski will cost between 15 and 16 thousands dollars, which seems to be provided for the services provided and according to the market situation in the country. This model of Kawaski jet skis is one of the examples of full-option and there are also basic types that can be purchased at lower prices. The most basic Kawasaki STX is available for around $9,500, and the most complete version is the LX, which is one of the most powerful of its kind with 300 horsepower. Interestingly, this version is also imported in Canada and is offered at a lower price than Type X.

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