The American company Biski launched an amphibious motorcycle with the ability to change to a jet ski in less than five seconds.


The manufacturer claims that the new product is able to reach a maximum speed of 140 km on land and a significant speed of 60 km / h in jet ski mode.

The amphibious motorcycle chassis is made of materials that prevent it from drowning if it enters the water.

Jet ski mode

To turn a motorcycle into a jet ski, its rider can get ready to enter the water in about five seconds by pressing the switch.

By changing the position of the motorcycle to ski jet, its front and rear wheels are pulled into the body and its two waterjet motors are transferred to the lowest part of the chassis and are ready for use.

The manufacturer claims that the amphibious motorcycle is the first of its kind and provides the rider with unparalleled performance with the help of fast conversion technology from land to water.

To supply energy in dry and water conditions, a two-cylinder gasoline engine is used, which is able to provide the kinetic energy of this device with a weight of 226 kg.

The most important problem that this jet ski has

Of course, you have to keep in mind that this marine vehicle does not meet your desired speed as it should and maybe it is calmer than you think in hot water.

But if it is important for you to travel both on land and to be able to move at sea, we strongly recommend that you get this vehicle for yourself; Because it meets both your needs well.

Do you think this device can strengthen its weakness in the future? Do you have an idea to speed it up in water? Or do you think that speed is enough for it and there is no need to increase it?

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