A company called “Electronautic” is developing an electric jet ski called “Wave Flyer” that can move above the water.

Jet skis are a bit like motorcycles, except that they move on water.


These types of vehicles usually have fins below them, called fins or hydrofolics, which allow users to break the waves and ride on them.

A finned boat is a type of boat with fins mounted on either side. When the boat reaches the required speed and the “lifting force” is sufficient, the boat becomes foilborne, meaning that the hull of the boat separates from the water and the boat moves on its fins.

WaveFlyer now combines two technologies for jet skiing and ballet, and uses an electric propulsion system to make the ride better and quieter for the user.

Of course, the hallmark of this jet ski is the ability to fly over water.

Which company has produced wave flyer?

Wave Flyer, the world’s first electric jet ski, is the result of a collaboration between the University of Western Australia and the Perth Renewable Energy Vehicle Development Project.

Work on the world’s first electric jet ski began in 2015 in Australia.

This jet ski looks like a traditional jet ski at rest, but when moved, it rests on its two fins, making it higher above the water.

Wave Flyer Technical Specifications

This jet ski with its 2 kWh battery can move and fly on water for more than 30 minutes per trip and can also carry two people.

Since this jet ski is still under development and construction, few details have been released about it. Wave Flyer is currently in the development phase of the prototype, but Professor Thomas Brownie, the project’s lead author, says the product has tremendous commercial potential due to its electricity and eco-friendliness.

A few videos has been published on the Internet which you can watch and enjoy this beautiful vehicle.

The experience of using this jet ski would be very interesting and everybody who lives on the earth should have a ride with it.

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