In our last article, we talked about the most popular jet skis of the year. Today we are going to introduce a few more of these devices. By reading this article, you can choose better devices for jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada.

Yamaha WaveRunner FZR

Yamaha also entered the game to complete the Japanese group ‌. Exceptional doubles to compete with speedboats.

It is so fast that Yamaha has warned of the dangers of not knowing and not being able to control it. It is said that its speed on water is more than 100 kilometers per hour.

With a displacement of 1812 cc, its propulsion can travel from zero to 50 km / h in just 1.5 seconds.

4-cylinder engine powered by Super Vertex supercharger. It is even interesting to know that Yamaha has used traction control system for this jet ski. The system we often see on sports coupes.

Yamaha WaveRunner VXR

If you did not get anywhere with those Yamaha wave runners, you would get there with this one.

The nature of this model is very simple; Simple and fast. Unlike other models on the market, it is not very luxurious.

Like street supercars, it has a body-lightening policy.

At a speed of 110 km / h, it really shows unrivaled water.

Yamaha still used a 1.8-liter heart for this child, but without supercharging.

The output of this engine is 211 hp. With a “low engine speed” feature built into the console, it allows smooth movements on angry waves.

It weighs 330 kg and has a volume of 60 liters. Remember this jet ski has a one year warranty.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO

It is said to be the most real two-person market. Independent and comfortable seats for the driver and the back seat.

One of the most luxurious, of course, its sporty features should not be overlooked. According to studies, this model has the highest propulsion volume among all jet skis.

Its 1850 cc propulsion system has produced a violent cruise.

Just like its racing motorcycles, Yamaha has used the EFI electronic fuel injection mechanism on this product.

This four-cylinder engine is powered by the company’s innovative superchargers. It may seem strange, but engineers have even taken steps to discuss its aerodynamics.

Kawasaki 300 LX Ultra

You probably won’t find anything better than all Kawasaki products.

The strongest three-seater jet ski on the market. With a supercharged 1498 cc engine that has two milliseconds on each 83 mm cylinder.

The result is 300 horsepower net power. These superchargers are designed and manufactured by the famous Eaton company.

It is natural that with such an extraordinary output, the need for a computer ignition control system is felt.

On the console, in addition to the speedometer and fuel consumption indicator, there is also a GPS global locator.

Kawasaki has guaranteed this product for up to 4 years in terms of driving forces to show what a high level of quality it enjoys.

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