Today we are going to introduce the most popular jet skis of the year.

Sea-Doo RXT-X

Another trio from SeaDoo. With the difference that this time it has made the work more professional. This means that these three people must also be able to withstand high speeds. In fact, with this product, SeaDoo entered the world of high-powered fast-paced. Unlike other company models, this model has acceptable handling. A 3.5 meter jet ski with a width of 1.2 meters, which is clearly visible from a distance. Its propulsion is a 1494 cc supercharged heart with electric fuel injection. It is strongly recommended to use 91 octane gasoline fuel for it. It weighs a little more than 440 kg. Its larger 62-liter tank allows the driver to maneuver more safely in the middle of the sea.

Sea-Doo GTX215

One of the best with an almost high price. Products that can be in the family class are also competitive sports. Of course, its manufacturer has recommended this product more for gentle maneuvers. The digital fuel display on the console shows that the GTX 215 has also been optimized for fuel consumption. Its long, elongated seats provide a comfortable ride for both occupants. Its propulsion is 1494 cc supercharged with inter-cooler. SeaDoo introduces its base gasoline with 87 octane, but on the other hand advises professionals to use 91 octane fuel to see the best efficiency. Its total weight is 350 kg and its tank volume is 60 liters.

Sea-Doo GTI130

If you are going to take your work class one step higher and you want to compete, you should start with a fast and light jet ski.

GTI 130 is the best offer at a reasonable price for you. The same model is often recommended for beginners who want to learn to drive such vehicles. A 3.3-meter jet ski that still uses a 1494 cc engine. With the difference that this propulsion is without supercharging and in the form of normal breathing. If you also use 87 octane gasoline for it, there is no particular problem. Given its average size, the 116-liter cargo area is interesting.

Honda Aquatrax R-12X

As we said, jet skis are actually motorcycles that move on water. So it is natural that motor giants are also present in this field. Honda has also sent one of its most famous models to the game. The product is known as the strongest two-seater jet ski on the market. A lively heart of 1234 cc has been used for this model. This four-cylinder engine is powered by a turbocharger and easily produces 165 horsepower at 6,100 rpm. Professionals know that we have seen 79 mm cylinders with a compression ratio of 8.5 to 1 on Honda racing models before. This 3-meter jet ski with its 22-liter tank can be the best option for friends.

At A&M water sports, we just only use Sea-Doo models for jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada right now.

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