Because the water is not always calm and smooth when using a jet ski, it is essential to learn the skills needed to cross the waves. These waves may be caused by wind or other boats, and the best way to cross them is with the least amount of shaking by you and the other occupants.

It is much easier to cross small ridges of water than large ridges.


Hold the handles firmly as you cross the waves, rest your legs on the stand, and slow down.


Choose the angle at which you can cross the waves. This angle is about 45 degrees. In some waves you may have to use a smaller angle. Do not worry, as you move you will find the right angle to cross the wave and you can adjust it.

Passing Waves

When passing the waves, separate the thighs from the chair and raise them slightly. This ensures that the pressure is absorbed by the legs and the neck and back are not injured.

Head & Shoulders

As always, keep your head and shoulders up, or you may return to the dock with a bloody nose and blue eyes. Be especially careful of turbulent waters and do not use jet skis in bad weather.


The first thing to keep in mind if the device overturns is that if the device stays in the water for more than the time required to turn it over, the engine box and carburetor may fill with water, causing malfunction and causes engine malfunction.

In the event of an overturning, if the emergency shut-off switch is not completely detached, swim carefully under the jet ski and release it. As soon as the engine shuts down, swim to the back of the machine, lift the lower left corner with your hand, and at the same time press the lower right corner down.

In this case, the ski should return with minimal pressure. Go inside the jet ski and start the engine. Run the engine on high throttle for about two minutes to get the remaining water out of the engine box. If your ski does not start or work properly, wait a few minutes and then try again.

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