From this week, we are going to introduce one jet ski model a week to help you rent a jet ski.

One of the most popular models of jet ski is GTX LTD 300, Which is produced by SEA-DOO company.

Are you ready? At first let’s talk about its powerful engine.

GTX LTD 300 Engine

The engine model of this jet ski is 1500 HO ACE / 1630 ACE, which is produced by the Rotax brand in Austria.

GTX LTD 300 Engine Type

One of the most important features of this engine is its three linear cylinders, which have 12 valves and work for 4 times.

GTX LTD 300 Engine Suction system

The suction system of this engine has a supercharger with external intercooler. This is amazing! Isn’t that so?

GTX LTD 300 Engine Cylinder volume and power

One of the special features of this product is its cylinder volume, which is about 1630 cc. Its power is about 300 horsepower, which is a relatively great number for this jet ski.

GTX LTD 300 Engine Cooling and fueling system

This model from SEA-DOO brand has a closed circuit cooling system (CLCS) and its refueling is done by electronic injector(EFI).

GTX LTD 300 Engine Propulsion system and reverse propulsion

In this model, the propulsion system is operated by a propeller made of stainless steel. The rear-wheel drive system also works electronically as an iBR.

GTX LTD 300 Engine Other Systems

Its driver system is electric. This vehicle also uses the intelligent gas control system, which is known as iTC, and has Touring, Sport and ECO modes.

On the other hand, its exhaust system is D-Sea-Bel. The standard fuel for this jet ski is 87 octane gasoline (minimum). Of course, 91 octane gasoline is also recommended for the GTX Limited 300 model.

GTX LTD 300 Body

The body type of this jet ski is S3. In the following, we will examine the other features of the body of this jet ski.

GTX LTD 300 Body Size

This jet ski model has a relatively large size, which is part of the V class with a suitable depth.

Instead, this wonderful jet ski has a professional guidance in the roaring waves that can force you to go for jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada to experience comfort.

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