In these few weeks, if you follow our writings, you will realize that our discussion is about different types of water sports. Today, as we did last week, we want to talk about a few water sports; We felt that we might have talked too much about jet skiing and jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada.

Fishing (Angling)

This water sport requires a lot of patience and is a relaxing activity. As well as being entertaining, it also has many competitions around the world. The types of water sports that fall into the category of fishing can be called large fishing competitions to deep water fishing. The species and quality of fishing in fishing competitions depend on the rules of the competition and the fishing area (sea, river or lake).

Water Polo

This exercise is one of the exercises that requires a lot of energy and involves all the muscles of the body. In this group sport, as a player, you have to both swim and take the ball from the opponent and throw it towards the goal. This game is very similar to the game of handball with the difference that it runs in the water. In this game, various techniques and strategies are performed by which players win. Water polo is one of the oldest and most exciting water sports in the Olympics.


Those who are interested in excitement and intense sports, consider this water sport as a treasure of water sports. A sturdy boat that moves a team of more than 4 to 12 people in the fresh and dangerous waters of the river. This sport is one of the most famous and exciting water sports, which is also ideal for holidays depending on the location and speed of water flow, and of course it is a bit dangerous. Rafting during the rainy season will be more fun when the river is at its peak.


Boating is one of the types of water sports that has World Cup and Olympic competitions and has many fans. In this sport, which is held both in groups and individually, athletes sit in a rowing boat and paddle in unison on a lake, river or ocean (depending on the race) and reach the finish line.


Specializing in a variety of water sports, any sport that is driven on the water by a device or machine can be included in this group. Sailing is a very competitive sport and many competitions such as the World Sailing Championships, the World Sailing Championships for youth, men and women are held in separate categories in the Olympics.

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