In the previous article, we talked in full about water sports and mentioned several of them. This time we want to examine these sports more broadly.

But before that, let us summarize the exercises we mentioned in the previous section:

  • Windsurfing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water Skiing

Triple Combined Tournament | Triathlon

Triathlon is one of the most exciting water sports, including swimming, cycling and long-distance running. This competition is one of the most popular world and Olympic competitions. This exercise is a great example for measuring your physical endurance and physical condition.


Kitesurfing or kite riding on water using a small surfboard or wikboard that is pulled by a kite. To understand the movement and control the direction of the kite, you must see the relevant tutorials. There are just a few general rules and regulations to follow that if you master them, this sport will become one of the most exciting types of water sports for you.


Again a sport with surfboard, but with plenty of twist! Unlike most riders who go deep into the sea first and then back to the beach, the sport starts on the beach. In skimboarding, the athlete moves on the floor of the waves and reaches the next wave, then spirals the length of the wave and returns to the shore. The length of the skimboard is shorter than the surfboard, and unlike surfing, which requires a large amount of water and waves, this exercise can also be done in lakes and rivers.


Bodyboarding is a type of water sport performed on the surface of the water and the surf rides a board on the waves to the shore. This exercise is initially used to teach wave movement and learning surfboard. By doing this, you will learn how to keep your body balanced on the board and keep your weight on it. The World Championship is one of the most exciting competitions held in this field every year.

Cliff Diving

Jumping or diving from the top of a cliff is one of the most exciting types of water sports that attracts most young people. It takes courage to jump over rocks and cliffs in brackish or calm waters. However, those who follow the sport professionally participate in the World Climbing Championships every year at a height of 85 feet (about 26 meters) the height of an eight-story building. Many adventurers around the world travel to the water to find fascinating places to jump off cliffs to experience the joys of danger and excitement.

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