In the previous article, we explained water sports in detail. Today we want to explore a few more of these sports together. But first, let’s take a look at the water sports we talked about in the previous section:

  • Swimming
  • Surfing

Other examples of water sports


The origin of this sport comes from the complete knowledge and combination of surfing and sailing. The equipment used in it is a surfboard combined with a rig and a movable sail. The surfer must move the surfboard on the waves and at the same time control its movement in the direction of the wind. This water sport is one of the most exciting types of water sports that are performed on water and has local and world competitions as well as the Olympics.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another type of water sport that is performed on the water and you move on the water with a water motor. Free jet skiing is one of the most exciting water sports in the world. Fast jet skiing, jumping on different platforms, spins and bypass tricks are all performed in this competition. In each race, between 10 and 20 people compete in jet skiing. Although not yet known as the Olympics, they are held locally on the Asian coast.

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Imagine a surfer on a surfboard attached to a motorboat with a long rope. This sport is called Wakeboarding. The board used for this sport and designed for it, has fins and clamps to stick to your feet. With a little experience and doing it several times, you can make the best moves on the water or above the water. This sport is one of the most exciting water sports that is usually held in lakes and rivers and in all shallow areas.

Water Skiing

Another sport that is performed on the surface of the water is water skiing. Using two ski boards or a skateboard along the water surface, a person moves forward with a speedboat and a rope and cable. Water skiing is an important part of all major sporting events, including the Olympics, the World Games and the World Championships. One of the most spectacular of these competitions is the water skiing competition, which is held in groups.

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