In this article, the benefits of swimming and the effect of this sport on the muscles of the body and the answer to the question “Does swimming cause weight loss? And how much calories do it burn?” are stated.

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Without a doubt, swimming is one of the most fun and popular summer sports among human societies specially when it comes to jet ski rental in Toronto and Lake Simcoe. As you know, swimming challenges all the muscles and organs of the body, and every person will feel comfortable and energetic after doing it. Swimming strengthens the muscles and flexibility of the body and removes emotions and mental disorders like yoga and increases energy in the body. In the following, we will discuss in detail the benefits of swimming and its effect on weight loss, fitness and muscles.

Benefits of Swimming

If you are looking for a way to get fit and slim, we recommend swimming. When we swim, most of the muscles in the body, such as the back muscles, abdomen, arms and legs, are challenged, which will result in strengthening the body muscles. In addition, swimming causes the heart rate and blood circulation in the body to increase, which causes the metabolism (body’s fuel) to take place in a better way, resulting in weight loss and fitness. . Another summer sport that, like swimming, strengthens muscles and increases metabolism, is tennis. The benefits of tennis and its attractiveness attract many fans. Doing sports and aerobic exercises cause the heart system to deliver blood and nutrients and oxygen to the organs more quickly. Swimming is one of the exercises and sports that can be very effective in the activity of the heart system.

The effect of exercise on blood pressure has made doctors recommend exercise to those whose blood pressure is not regulated. Research has shown that people who practice swimming will live longer than other people and will be safe from the risk of diseases such as low blood pressure and blood sugar. Also, people who suffer from arthritis and arthrosis and are limited in doing some sports can significantly reduce their joint pain by swimming. Because water prevents muscle and joint injuries by supporting the muscles. Doctors always recommend swimming and water therapy to improve joint pain and reduce inflammation of the affected areas. It is interesting to know that swimming is one of the best sports for burning calories and getting fit. The amount of calories burned depends on the duration, intensity, and weight of the person. With every 1 hour of swimming, you can lose between 350 and 500 calories. It means that you can burn as many calories as jogging for 1 hour, which can be an effective activity for people who suffer from weight loss.

For example, a 70 kg person can lose about 420 calories with 1 hour of low-intensity swimming, while if the same person swims with high intensity, he can even burn up to 720 calories. Now, if the same person walks a distance of 5.5 kilometers with low intensity, he will burn only about 315 calories. But in swimming, there will be an advantage of burning more calories, and that is, the water will prevent pressure on the joints of the knees, hips, ankles and toes. In addition, swimming itself is a skill and can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

It is interesting to know that doctors recommend swimming to pregnant women because women face the problem of being overweight during pregnancy, which causes muscle and joint pain during pregnancy. For women to lose weight during pregnancy, they recommend low-intensity swimming and some kind of water play. One of the reasons why swimming is a very popular sport is the ability to do it in groups. This sport, like other group sports such as aerobics, is very effective for losing weight and has a great impact on improving physical and mental health.

Does swimming cause weight loss?

If you are looking for a healthy and effective way to get slim and fit, we suggest you think about swimming. Swimming is a calorie-burning sport, and no other sport or exercise can burn calories and increase body metabolism and challenge and strengthen all body muscles like swimming. Swimming makes the waist slim, muscles stronger and the body fit, shapely and attractive. Now, to achieve this goal, you need to work your muscles and burn calories. For more calorie burning and muscle building, we recommend swimming along with other sports such as running. The benefits of running for legs and strengthening muscles are significant and it is suggested as a side exercise along with other sports such as swimming. As mentioned above, you can lose 500 calories with 1 hour of leisurely swimming and 720 calories with vigorous swimming. Because every movement of the hands and feet in the water is a resistance exercise for the whole body, which moves the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, and hips, and in addition to burning calories, it will increase the volume of muscles and the body’s metabolism. The effects of swimming are so high that after the end of swimming, the body will continue to burn calories. But the interesting point is that swimming, despite the fact that it makes the body fit and in good shape, at the same time, it does not put much pressure on the body; Because the water neutralizes the force of gravity and when you are in the water you will feel weightless and the joints of the body will be in a state of rest. It goes without saying that to accelerate the process of burning calories, doing other sports such as jumping rope along with swimming will be very effective. Since jumping rope is very useful for weight loss and the amount of calories burned by jumping rope is not small, having an exercise program that includes jumping rope will affect the speed of your weight loss process. In a study published by the Indiana University in America about the effects of swimming, it is stated that:
“You can swim every day without injury, and people who swim regularly look 20 years younger than their actual age.”
This situation will not occur in other sports such as strength training or even running. In this research, it has been shown that the amount of cholesterol in the blood, the function of the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system of swimmers are equal to those of much younger people. Now, we can confidently answer that: yes, swimming, in addition to slimming and fitness, also makes the body younger.

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