As you know, in last week’s article we talked about jet ski remapping and why it is not done in the factory.

Today we want to tell you what factors you can change using this feature.

Change signals related to fuel and ignition tables

By using jet skis and motorboats ECU remapping and rearranging fuel and ignition tables, fuel consumption and propulsion power can be improved even when overloaded.

Variation of variable timing signals in boat valves

With the help of jet skis and motor boats ECU remapping, torque and propulsion can be reviewed by changing the tables related to variable valve timing.

Change the parameters related to the turbocharging system

In this part of jet skis and motor boats ECU remapping, you can increase the turbo boost in the completely safe range by changing the tables related to the turbocharging system. Following these changes, the efficiency of the turbocharging system increases and the turbo lag decreases. These changes allow the turbocharger to enter the circuit faster.

Air manifold changes in jet skis and motor boats ECU remapping

By changing this part in ECU remapping jet skis and motor boats, air flow can be changed at different engine speeds.

Change in throttle tables

During the ECU remapping of jet skis and motor boats, it is possible to increase the propulsion accuracy by changing the table related to the throttle valve, and to forget about the gas delay, and to enjoy the maximum speed of the boat and jet skis.

Changes in fan performance tables

In warmer climates, such as warmer parts of Canada, overheating can cause problems such as cylinder head gasket burning in the engine. With its help, we can make changes in the operating point of the boat or jet ski fan motor so that it starts working at a lower temperature point and does not allow the engine to overheat.

Does A&M Water Sports do ECU remapping?

This is not currently done directly by us. We can introduce you to a company that can do this for you, but unfortunately this is specialized and beyond our control; Unless we hire someone to do it and serve you dear ones.

You can contact our colleagues if you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions. We all strive to provide you with the best services in the field of jet ski rental in Toronto and Canada.
We hope you enjoy this article.

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