You have probably never heard of jet skiing before. You can achieve the following goals with the remapping of ISO jet skis and motor boats:

  • Engine power increases by 25 to 40%
  • Torque increases by 10 to 30%
  • Smooth and slow motion in jet skis and motor boats
  • Adjust the throttle
  • Higher speeds and increased excitement for water sports
  • Tolerate more extra and heavier loads

What is ECU remapping?

Jet skis and motor boats ECU remapping is a low-cost method to increase the efficiency and propulsion efficiency of the vehicle. This method is gaining a lot of fans every day because of its benefits. remapping jet skis and motor boats is actually an electronic engine control unit; This means that the ECU is readjusted and the engine efficiency can be changed according to the conditions and operation. By changing the parameters of the ECU, such as the ignition system tables, the fuel supply, the fuel injection time to the cylinder helped to improve the engine efficiency.

Why jet skis and motor boats ECU remapping is not done in the factory?

Boat and jet ski manufacturers should adjust the main settings of the engines based on two factors: adaptability and flexibility, in order to show acceptable performance in different conditions. But this performance can be affected by circumstances. Note that even the quality of fuel can vary in different countries, and this is in the case that the ECUs are set in the same way in all these conditions, and the settings in the sections of fuel injection in the cylinder, injection time, advance Spark and start time in fan etc. are the same in all areas.
Another factor, cost, is also very involved in calibrating engines. The costs to be spent on developing engine production lines are very high; Therefore, companies producing jet skis and boats can simply produce different models of engines with different power without imposing any cost, which are usually offered at different prices. By remapping of motor boats and jet skis, engine power can be increased at a low cost. Also, fully adjust items such as fuel quality, fuel injection time, amount of load carried, etc.

In the next article, we will discuss what factors can be changed in a jet ski.

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