Last week we talked about jet skiing in different parts of Iran, especially Tehran. Other water sports are also performed in these areas, and today we want to explore other areas of Iran as well.

Jet skiing in West Azerbaijan

Amand Dam is one of the tourist and recreational promenades in the northwest of Tabriz, near the village of Amand, which has water sports facilities, including water skiing, jet skiing and boating. This dam is one of about 100 dams located in the catchment area of Lake Urmia. During the development phase of the dam, other facilities such as a five-star hotel, an international theater hall, an apartment suite, a equestrian club, a golf course and a football field will be provided for tourists.

Jet skiing on the north coast

There are also jet skis on many of the country’s northern coasts. Gilan beaches, Ramsar Telecabin Marine Club, Chabaksar Professional Club, etc. offer a variety of marine entertainment services to travelers.

Definitely the best place to use a jet ski will be related to your time and place when traveling. Do not forget that if you are planning to travel to the northern cities, using jet skis on rainy days will be a bit difficult and may not be as enjoyable as on sunny days. Also, the clear sea of ​​the southern beaches can make jet skiing more exciting for you.

These marine clubs have facilities such as changing rooms, baths and lockers so that tourists can easily bathe and change clothes after experiencing a sea fun. If you are renting a jet ski as a group with your family or friends, keep in mind that by law you can not rent more than one jet ski. Most jet skis are two-seater and sometimes three-seater. The use of jet skiing has age restrictions and certain diseases to prevent some accidents due to high speed and excitement.

The cost of a jet ski varies depending on the time and type of engine. They are priced from 30 thousand tomans to about 150 thousand tomans.

Jet ski rental tips in Iran

If you are planning to travel to one of these coastal cities and you are looking to use a jet ski for fun, be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • First, check out the club from which you plan to rent a jet ski to find out about their facilities, services and licenses.
  • Then check the type of jet ski in terms of price and in terms of engine power and model so that you can enjoy more excitement according to your budget.
  • Follow the rules of jet skiing so as not to cause problems for yourself and others.

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