Jet skiing is one of the most exciting water sports that has many fans.

If you are planning to travel to the coast for the Nowruz holiday, jet skiing can definitely be one of the most exciting water activities for you. Jet skiing is one of the most enjoyable water sports that attracts a lot of tourists in the sea areas. Many beach clubs offer a variety of water sports and recreations that anyone of any age can choose a suitable water recreation for themselves. Jet skiing will also be the choice of many tourists due to its exciting thrill.

Where to rent?

In many diving and marine clubs you can use a jet ski. In the southern coastal areas such as Bushehr, Khuzestan and Hormozgan, jet skiing is offered to tourists. There is also water sports and recreation in the coastal areas of the Caspian Sea such as Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan. In other areas such as Tehran and West Azerbaijan, you can use jet skiing to spend pleasant hours on the water. In coastal cities, the number of marine clubs offering recreational activities such as jet skiing is increasing, for example, on Kish Island alone, there are 50 clubs offering marine recreational activities.

To travel to the northern and southern regions of Iran during Nowruz or any other time, there are many tourist tours that give you the opportunity to enjoy all the tourist attractions of these cities and places.

Jet skiing in Kish

Seaman Kish Club, Seashell Kish Club, Kish Diving Center, Negin Kish Club, Nautilus Kish Club, etc., offer a variety of water sports such as jet skiing, shuttle, diving and fly jet in Kish. Getting to the jet ski in Kish is not a difficult task, because you can easily rent your jet ski and enjoy it by visiting one of the marine recreation clubs, which are not few in number on the island.

Jet skiing in Qeshm

Negin Qeshm beach, Qeshm coral dolphin, Qeshm blue dolphin, Persian sea star, native star of Qeshm, etc. are ready to serve travelers all year round. Each club has different engines, prices and services, so paying attention to spirits and costs is very effective in choosing a club.

Jet skiing in Tehran

Fashafoyeh Recreational Lake is one of the artificial lakes near Tehran, which has provided the possibility of water skiing, jet skiing, boating, kayaking, ATV (four-wheeled motorcycles), car track, paintball, horseback riding and sports recreation for citizens. This lake is located at 18 km of Tehran, ‌ Qom. 15 minutes of jet skiing in this lake will be about 60 thousand tomans. Since this lake is not covered, it will not be possible for tourists to use water recreation in winter. However, paintball, archery, equestrian, trap, car racing and… are offered to tourists in winter.

The lake has an area of ​​seven hectares and is visited by over 300 people daily. On holidays, more than a thousand people visit this artificial lake for water recreation such as jet skiing. There are also special tours to visit the lake.

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