We know Jackie Chan very well, a famous and popular artist whose martial arts in movies dazzle the eyes. This 68-year-old multi-millionaire from Hong Kong now owns one of the most luxurious yachts in the world. A 35 meter yacht designed and built by a Chinese manufacturer called Ruiying Yachts. Join A&M Water Sports for a look inside the yacht of one of the world’s most famous actors.

Boat facilities

Jackie Chan’s luxury yacht has three decks, on these decks there is a place for a helicopter to sit. This luxury hotel has a sauna, a karaoke room, a movie theater, a jacuzzi and a gym. It seems that the guests of this boat will always be entertained during their trip.

The images published of the interior design of this boat show that this large pleasure boat is full of peace and relaxation. Its living room has a very large space and is designed with wooden walls and floors. The lights in the room are also designed to be very soft and relaxing and make the space look more stylish than it is. Also, in order for natural light to shine into the rooms, wide windows have been considered for them.

The kitchen and other rooms of the boat

The kitchen of this boat also has everything needed to prepare a delicious meal. But it seems that famous artists are not always going to rest, because a special room for conferences and official meetings is also considered. Special sun beds are placed on the roof of the boat so that the guests of this boat can enjoy the sun during the trip. Also, if the weather is favorable, they can eat their food on the ship deck.

In addition to a comfortable and relaxing bed, the large bedroom of this luxury yacht has private furniture for sitting and a large flat screen TV for watching movies.

Jackie Chan’s luxury yacht has a speed of 32 knots (sea speed unit equal to 59 kilometers per hour). The boat was handed over to Jackie Chan during a ceremony in Huludao, China, along with a symbolic golden key. But the price of this yacht has not been leaked yet, but considering that this company has designed two boats with these features, we have to wait to see who will be the next superstar to buy a luxury yacht.

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