One of the largest yachts in the world, Pangeos, is being designed to be built in the Arabian Peninsula.

In the era of post-corona economic crisis, what could be more strange than the decision to build a superyacht? Pangeos, nicknamed the terayacht due to its extraordinary grandeur, is the newest luxury yacht under design. The name of this moving sea city is taken from “Pangaea”; A supercontinent that existed on the surface of the earth from 200 to 350 million years ago. According to Lazzarini design studio, Pangeos will cost eight billion dollars to build.

The Most Expensive Vehicle in History

If financing is secured, it is not surprising that this marine structure will become the largest floating structure in the world; One of the most expensive vehicles in history, which looks like a giant turtle with a length of 550 meters and a width of 610 meters.

According to Lazzarini Group, the yacht is a complete floating city with space for hotels, shopping malls, parks and even harbors for smaller ships and aircraft. The access of passengers to Pangeos will be done by different planes and vessels.


The construction of this magnificent superfloat requires a unique space, and currently, the choice of the location of this structure is under consideration, and the designers have considered Saudi Arabia as one of the options. Before starting the construction of this sea city, it is necessary to dredge about one square kilometer of the sea and build a circular dam. Lazzarini designers talk about a space in King Abdullah Port, located 130 kilometers north of Jeddah, as an ideal place for this.

Like a real city, Pangeos has a harbor and main square, from which city streets, apartments, and buildings spiral out. This square will have an upper level that is surrounded by green space and will be the landing place for air transport vehicles.

The floating bottom space made of steel and consisting of 30,000 cells keeps the whole structure floating. This huge vessel with a draft of 30 meters will be able to move at a speed of five knots. Pangeos’ wings help provide energy to this city from the surface tension of water and waves; In addition, the floating roof will also be equipped with solar panels.

Virtual Tour

Instead of operating out of a specific port or having a specific itinerary, this terrapin simply roams the seas and oceans and turns travel into a destination. Lazzarini Group hopes that the construction of this boat will begin in 2033, with a construction time of eight years. For this, there is also a crowdfunding plan that allows enthusiasts to purchase a virtual entry ticket ($16) or a virtual VIP apartment ($169) via NFT.

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