Last week we reviewed 5 of the most expensive places to anchor your boat. Today we want to finish these places together and from the coming weeks, we will explore other topics.

5. Beach Resort St. Tropez, France: $1,613 per night

Famous French star Bridget Bradot made the beach of St. Tropez famous by shining in the movie “And God Created Woman”. Since the release of this film in 1956, beauty and fame have become inseparable features of the port of St. Tropez. This small Mediterranean resort has been a gathering place for actors, millionaires and the super rich. Despite the brilliance and stunning effects of this area, it has managed to maintain its inherent peace. This promenade cannot accommodate boats with a length of more than 70 meters, and the most important events that occur in that place and lead to the crowding of tourists in it are: holding the Giraglia Rolex Cup sailing competition in June and The international polo tournament is in July.

4. Porto Cervo Beach Resort, Sardinia, Italy: $3,100 per night

In 1959, Prince Karim Agha Khan built a very luxurious village in the coastal area of Costa Smeralda, Italy, for himself and his rich family to stay and relax. Architects and designers of entertainment spaces such as Jacques Cole, Luigi Vitti, and Michael Bussiri Vichy designed this entertainment village. And according to the report of the European Magnificence magazine, Engel & Volkers brokerage located in this area has the most expensive land in Europe. They themselves have a price of at least 300 euros per square meter. Today, Porto Cervo is home to the most expensive boutiques, restaurants, and very expensive night clubs. Some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts such as Dilbar and Serin are docked in this promenade.

3. Ibiza Magna, Ibiza: $3,660 per night

Ibiza is a destination for young, wealthy and trendy pleasure seekers, which is the destination of many of the world’s luxury yachts. Ibiza Magna is located off the coast of the Navarre Casino Islands, home to the famous Pacha nightclub. Pacha is the name of the founder of It Club, who opened it in 1973 and today it has become one of the most legendary nightclubs in the world. In 2012, the famous DJ magazine ranked Pacha third among the top 100 nightclubs in the world. Indian billionaire Lakshim Mittal always docks at this beach with his yacht. There is also the famous Russian billionaire, businessman and investor Roman Abramovich, the former owner of the Chelsea football club. Abramovich’s $1 billion yacht, Eclipse, is 185 meters long and is the largest yacht in the world.

2. Beach Resort di Portofino, Italy: $3,335 per night

There is only one way in and out of di Portofino. This issue has made the area’s virginity and its uniqueness fully preserved. This port, which is located in the Italian Riviera region in the state of Genoa, used to be a small coastal village where fishing was done and gradually became the destination and residence of wealthy celebrities. This marina has only 14 berths for yachts. This eye-catching beach is a popular area for celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, the owner of the Seven Seas yacht, as well as the famous Russian businessman and billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Andrey Melnichenko’s property is estimated at 11.4 billion dollars and he owns one of the most luxurious yachts in the world that floats on the world’s waters. This boat with a length of 130 meters was designed and built by Philippe Starck and has a price of about 300 million dollars.

1. Di Capri Beach Resort, Italy: $4,000 per night

Famous people such as Sophia Loren, Clark Gable, and Jackie Kennedy have stepped in this resort, which is located near the Amalfi Coast and on the coast of the sunny island of Capri, and enjoyed its beauty and facilities. Since the 1950s, this small island has been a gathering place for many rich and famous people. Still, these famous people spend days of the year having fun in this area. Among these people, we can mention George Clooney, Jay Z, and Beyonc√©. This resort can accommodate 10 large yachts, and its two famous clubs, Rising Sun and Perlos, belong to media rich David Geffen, who always stays there by himself during the peak of the island’s busyness.

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