Did you read the article we published last week? We’ve started by introducing you to two of the ten most expensive places to anchor your boat.

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8. Port de Cannes, Cote d’Azur, France $655 per night

Port de Cannes, Cote d’Azur is one of the largest beach resorts in France, located in the French Riviera region. More than 2,000 berths for yachts are planned in this port, and more importantly, there is no limit on the size of yachts. Many famous beach resorts in the world have restrictions on accepting large yachts, which means that the owners of such boats have to dock outside the resort. While Cannes Island is always a destination for tourists throughout the year, famous people, movie stars, and famous rich people leave for this port every year during the Cannes Film Festival. Reserve a place for this busy destination. For the duration of the Cannes festival, it is necessary to stay on the waiting list for at least one year.

7. Miami Harbor Beach Resort, Florida: $1,095 per night

Eye-catching, contemporary, extra-large are the features of the Port of Miami Marina, located in Biscayne Bay on the coast of Florida, with a capacity of 400 ordinary yachts and 24 mega yachts. However, it is not only the dimensions of the marina that the wealthy owners of these boats love so much. Five-star comfort facilities, very comfortable accommodation facilities, high-class clubs, catering with a variety of local and international dishes, 24-hour welfare services, hairdressing salon, mineral spring and hot water pool with Olympic dimensions are among the many facilities of this resort. It has fascinated everyone. It is almost impossible to find a place to dock on the beach of this resort during the Miami Art Festival or during the international boat exhibition in this port.

6. Port Hercules Monaco: $1,489 per night

According to the Financial News magazine, the importance of Monaco, which is often referred to as the second smallest country in the world, is that this small land is home to the world’s rich and famous people more than any other place in the world. Monaco is known for its world-class Monte Carlo casino. These facilities have brought so much wealth in this small country that its citizens have been exempted from paying taxes. The luxurious beach resort of Hercules, which is located on this island, can accommodate 20 large yachts. The peak traffic in this port is related to the time of the Grand Prix speed races and also the time of the international yacht exhibition. It doesn’t matter how rich a person is. No one is allowed to travel to Monaco by private plane; That is why having a yacht provides much more comfort for its owner who plans to travel to Monaco.

According to these high prices, you can forget about them and search for a jet ski rental in Toronto or even boat rental in Toronto to spend your time with your family.

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